California School Bus Safety Roadeo

Northern Sectional April 25, 2015 - Galt, CA
Southern Sectional May 2, 2015 - Cabazon, CA
Championship Roadeo May 24, 2015 - Galt, CA

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The main focus of a School Bus Roadeo is SAFETY. 
The more training and practice a driver has the safer he or she will be. 

At the Roadeo drivers compete against each other using their skills in precision driving.  Each event is either timed or measured to determine the score.  The events consist of an obstacle course which includes backing, parallel parking, student loading/unloading, right and left hand turns, and written exams on rules and regulations and vehicle inspection


Many hours of practice are needed for perfection, to receive the maximum amount of points per event.  In most Companies and Districts, the practice time is on a volunteer basis uncompensated.  Drivers spend many hours to reach a superior level of excellence.


Many hours are also put into detailing their buses for competition.  Drivers wax the floors of their buses on hands and knees, interior ceilings polished, tires polished and every exterior water spot is removed prior to competition.


Roadeo is a great skill builder that is beneficial to the drivers, the company, school district and the students that ride the bus.


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